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Ancient Artifacts

by:NKK     2020-06-27
If the Palace Museum and National Museum's collection represents the essence of Chinese civilization of 5,000 years, then, a collection of dozens of heritage institutions in Beijing, hundreds of hundreds of artifacts from either side of the concentrated reflection of metropolis of Beijing towards capital from the development of process. Some have continued their tradition, some from the calendar year in Beijing after the founding of the archaeological excavations. However, due to reduce expenses dispersed, few opportunities for exhibition and publication, so it is difficult to see the audience, the researchers also cited that unfortunate. Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage has invested heavily in the mobilization of global-owned museum, the Institute's scientific research, compiled a set of common focus in Beijing to show the essence of cultural relics of this museum system, 'Beijing Cultural Relics Series of the essence' (Beijing Publishing House Beijing Art Photography Group Press), is split into 17: 'stone' and 'The Old Clock' and 'The textiles and embroidery,' 'bronze' and 'The Buddha statues Volume' (upper), 'Buddha statues Volume' (below), ' Calligraphy 'and' The Painting 'and' The Stone 'and' The ceramic volume '(I),' ceramic volume '(below),' Jade 'and' The gold and 'and' The rare ancient books, '' Furniture Volume 'and so on. End of this year, 'Craft Volume' (upper and lower) often is the last fixing, series thus completed. Comprehensive series covers the essence of cultural relics in Beijing, selected works of an estimated 3000. Not only are museums and cultural system in Beijing is the first time, the scale of the whole species there are few books a same comparable period. As a Royal Park, arts and culture in Beijing largely reflects the respect and dignity of the feudal dynasty, which became the 'Beijing Cultural Relics Series of the essence,' the prominent features. From the 'gold and silver paper', you can enjoy unearthed from Dingling Emperor Wanli Golden Delicious, including many gold and silver; in the 'Painting Volume', you appreciate life by Mr. Xu Beihong as Chinese painting 'Eighty seven Immortals tu,' the museum's greatest treasures --- the capital of the Tang Dynasty Painting Master Yan Liben's 'disciples of Confucius tu'; 'calligraphy paper' is compiled from many famous Jin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty ink very 150 books also. . 'Beijing Cultural Relics Series of the essence' as type collection of large hardcover book, to meet up with domestic and international readers, the needs of collectors, art photography Beijing Publishing House and the 'big system' using introduction of the 'Beijing Cultural Appreciation' series , with the pocket book form, from the 'essence of Beijing Cultural Relics Series of' a number of volumes in picking a the contents associated with the edited volume families. Also developed some new varieties. 'Beijing Cultural Appreciation' series has launched the first series of books are: 'Yuan Ceramics' and 'Ming Dynasty blue and white', 'Ming and Qing ceramics,' 'bronze', 'color of the Ming and Qing porcelain,' 'the Ming and Qing Furniture '(I),' the Ming and Qing paintings land and water ', a total of seven. The upcoming second series of 'ancient coin', 'gold and silver jewelry Ming and Qing Dynasties', 'Ming and Qing furniture' (below), 'Dynasty blue and white', 'Ming Dynasty gold and silver', a total of five numbers. Later this year, will continue to launch 'Ming Jade', 'Ming clothing', 'gilt bronze,' 'Jade', 'Yongle Big Bell,' 'four treasures', 'bone carving wood, horn,' ' Gold ceramic 'and all night. In the book are first-hand information compiled artifacts, pictures, excellent quality, with Chinese and English book, a detailed captions and anecdotes related artifacts and heritage appreciation, may be the most comprehensive system of cultural relics in Beijing provide.
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