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Any brands for high end standard booth ?
There are many standard booth manufacturers on the market, and today customers strongly recommend Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD. Processed with state-of-the-art raw materials, the product is manufactured using highly innovative technology with amazing quality and long life. The company provides professional and attentive after-sales service to ensure better reliability than other companies. You can always contact our service staff to respond to your enquiry at any time.

NKK Expo is a leading marketer of aluminium extruded profiles in China. We are an enterprise highly praised by peer competitors in this field. The aluminium profiles is one of the main products of NKK Expo. Each NKK exhibit booth display is strictly manufactured. As soon as each department is finished with their assigned task, the shoe is passed on to the next manufacturing stage. Designed with CAD software, it has precise dimensions. custom booth is highly recommended by custom trade show booth according to rich experiences. Its surface has passed tests for flatness and curvature.

In order to deliver better, we always hold fast to the company values of integrity, respect for people, customer enthusiasm, excellence, and vitality.
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