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Environmental Era of Low Carbon First Rattan And

by:NKK     2020-06-21
Low-carbon 'has now become a topic of common concern to the all walks of lifetime. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy saving has become typical mistakes keywords of the furniture industry, bamboo furniture is to meet progress of the points in the low-carbon, will lead the transformation and upgrading of the furnishings industry. 23rd Furniture Fair for the first time the 'bamboo furniture and bamboo applications' theme exhibition a great success and after the exhibition and the exhibition of bamboo product orders and transfer of technology amounted to nearly 100 million yuan. In order to higher promote the bamboo home products, Dongguan International Furniture Design R & D Centre set up a special 'bamboo R & D centers'. Era of environmental protection, low-carbon leading bamboo furniture or into the 'meat and potatoes' What is a 'low carbon furniture' Green and low furniture, refers for the tendency of natural materials, save energy, does not contain harmful substances, will not not release harmful gases, the associated with use recycling. The videos . concept of low-carbon furniture is energy saving, emission reduction, health, environmental protection, emphasizing the people-oriented, respect for lifelong and health, and performing a harmonious we. 'Low-carbon furniture' standard 'Low carbon furniture' Firstly all such as used in environmental protection, the best is the natural eco-friendly materials. Wood, rattan, bamboo could be the most natural environmentally friendly materials, however the human proliferation of timber felled, causing damage to the ecological environment, especially the precious wood, such as pear, rosewood and other species, more and more tight. Furniture made with these materials is certainly valuable, but humans go to protect it, to cherish its existence. Rattan, bamboo will be the best natural materials, especially rattan, the United Nations, environmental groups recommended for that green room materials. 1, the development process of low-carbon, suitable living environment of low-carbon using 3, using energy-efficient Currently may about 1200 kinds of bamboo, 600 species of rattan, bamboo and rattan with the earth's 2.5 billion people residing in the world are closely related; in China, 35 million people with bamboo and rattan industries and products. The current global bamboo and rattan trade has reached $ 6 billion yr to feature an important supply of income for many people small and medium enterprises. The ICAN Furniture, is among the most the manufacturers and suppliers of people use this of low-carbon furniture. Our products include the Rattan Sofa, Wicker Chair, the Bamboo Chair, where you can buy any one you like and environmentally friendly, low-carbon furniture. Welcome your inquiry, we will give you with top quality products and services.and you can click on our website to obtain more documents.
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