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Exhibition Stand Builders Rock Solid Promotions Ltd

by:NKK     2020-06-20
The rise of Dependable Promotions over the last 10 years has been quite remarkable. The root-cause of this meteoric rise 1 of the fastest growing exhibition stand builders in the uk seems to be their Rock Solid stand kit. The Rock solid stand package is available 1 all inclusive low price and includes installation, graphics, flooring, light, furniture and removal anywhere in the uk. The price is 230 per square metre which is currently capped at 5,500 plus vat keeping track of large an exhibitors stand may be. This yields a very interesting proposition for larger exhibitors as stands over 24 square metres can cost approximately 15,000 plus vat. Rock Solid Promotions to be able to trading for over several and started life as custom exhibition stand builders building exhibition stands from scratch, however they spotted a gap in the market between pop up stands and more expensive custom stands. Steve Slough, MD of Rock solid Promotions said 'We needed to have the opportunity of offering exhibitors a more inexpensive way of utilising an exhibition stand built by a proper exhibition stand building firm. There were other stands out there even so they were far expensive or just downright ugly. We knew the recession was starting to bite in the UK and that require for big budget exhibition stands weren't going to be around for a lot longer so we made the Rock solid stand and included installation anywhere in the UK, 3m high seamless graphics kinds of the other items we thought an exhibitor would need as part in the standard package and afterwards included one price to make it more convenient for exhibitors to obtain heads round' Rock solid Promotions charge 230 per square metre for their Rock Solid are a symbol of any exhibition in great britan. It took them over several years to develop the critical mass required to make it a stand-alone business and they now specialise only in the Steel solid - all inclusive display stand. Rock Solid Promotions have now been nominated for an exhibition industry award to the Rock Solid stand. In April 2011 they became finalists ultimately Exhibition News Awards under the category 'Best Supplier to Exhibitors'. Should they be successful in winning the award it will mean that they will become one of essentially the most successful exhibition stand builders in the uk. The Rock Solid stand package is different in the industry which is covered with Pop Up stands and expensive custom stands. Exhibition stand builders like Steel solid Promotions are difficult to find. Their customers come to be able to them year after year and have nominated them for the award. In their testimonials they mention the excellent customer service, the high impact exhibition display which comes installed anywhere in great britan and the effortless all inclusive way Rock Solid do business. We wish Unshakable Promotions every success at the Exhibition News Awards the year 2011.
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