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Fearful of The Market Downturn The global Panel

by:NKK     2020-06-27
Shanghai, China, August 31, 2011 - Despite the global flat panel display industry in recent months the trend of decline, an additional round of the U.S. debt crisis has also caused many multinational companies to tighten the purse ahead of schedule, but FPD China 2012 booth sales momentum remained strong, the end of August early round of publicity to a close, more than two-thirds of the booths are booked, in addition to of whom are well-known manufacturers. Thus, many Chinese companies are still very optimistic about their opportunities for the development of flat panel display market. Annual on-site visitors usually panel module area, has ushered in Japan, Korea, China Taiwan, China and the Ough.S. top five panel panel manufacturing giant settled the region, including Samsung Electronics, LG Display, the new CMO, Mitsubishi Electric and Tianma Microelectronics. Has been participating for three consecutive years of CMO in 2011 to the picture scheduled a year after the booth, the Tainan branch general manager Wang Chao also said publicly: 'Shanghai FPD China do heal year after year, CMO Of course not absent. ' This time, Samsung Electronics and LG display booth will be selected in the primary aisle on the very same side. The actual planet eyes of these two companies, FPD China is showing its customers in China directly competitive products and the latest great risk. Samsung Electronics is responsible for Greater China, Shen Peng, product planning manager, said: '2010 to 2011, China's focus on customer purchase 3D television panel, Samsung's FPD China 2011 we made a highlight show, but including 3D, the significance brought a thing screen, high-performance LCD screen and various other advanced items which enable customers to see the direction of future development of Samsung. ' In biggest bank exhibition of apparatus and materials, lack of participation from the start of to begin with well-known multinational equipment and materials companies, such as ULVAC, AKT, Tokyo Electron, V-Technologies, Corning, Dongjin Chemical, letterpress printing, and the like. 'FPD China for the Chinese manufacturers of flat panel display industry provides an unique platform, we're here each year not only with customers in touch with friends, but also saw new customers, and, since the FPD China and SEMICON China, SOLARCON China held over the same period once the even integrated circuits and solar energy industry clients we consider into account the. exhibitors FPD China is a fixture in March each year, now the most crucial thing would choose a good quality location. 'ULVAC China General manager Mr. Iwashita said. Held since 2004, FPD China haven't changed outline China's flat panel display, 'the whole industry chain' picture in opinion. Since 2010, FPD China is increasingly more SEMICON China and SOLARCON China along with efforts build up a 'pan semiconductor industry,' three-dimensional communication platform. 2012, FPD China in the requirements of the global giant and China's largest panel end brand towards the scene in the same time, will integrate current industry focus along with the needs of China's industrial development, in particular, organise a 'next-generation display' and 'touch panel' section. The actual 'next generation display' area on the overseas supplier of advanced display technology and display the scene description is the latest display products and manufacturing technology, flat panel display allow domestic enterprises to seek new product breakthrough. With the touch panel technology gradually be put on larger displays such as one, laptops and gaming devices, the touch panel industry is a new bright spot. FPD China 2012 'Touch panel' area could have an involving domestic and foreign manufacturers to bring the latest touch screen technology and products. Beginning in September, FPD China 2012 will launch a new advertising campaign, focusing on 'next-generation display' and 'touch panel' two new theme zones. I really believe the exhibition in March next year even more brilliant.
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