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How about NKK Expo independent R&D capabilities?
Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD is focused on research originality and technological innovation, to develop innovative and high-quality products for the industry. We carry our R&D management and stick to continuous skills development to keep on innovating in an environment where the technologies are constantly evolving and where we have to move fast to reach the markets. We also develope knowledge management programs that provide ongoing training for employees. In this highly competitive environment, we will pay special attention to protecting the intellectual property of our products and accumulating expertise in portable exhibition stands innovation.

NKK Expo keeps at the forefront of the competition in the developing and manufacturing of pop up exhibition stands for years. The custom booth is one of the main products of NKK Expo. The manufacture of NKK trade show stands involves several necessary procedures. These procedures include pattern design, cutting, stitching, attaching the soles, and assembling. There are no bubbles, undulations, scratches, or dents on its surface. NKK Expo have mature skills at aluminium extruded profiles. Different wall thicknesses of aluminum can be designed for frames with different load-bearing requirements.

Respect for people is one of the values of our company. And we do thrive on teamwork, collaboration, and diversity with customers.
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