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How many standard shell scheme are produced by NKK Expo per month?
With advanced domestic and foreign production equipment, Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD achieves great monthly production volume. Since inception, we have received an increasing number of orders and this has therefore motivated a greater production capacity of our factory. We will pursue further expansion of capacity in the future.

NKK Expo is a rapidly growing company that specializes in the production of exhibit booth display. And we are expanding our product portfolio. The aluminium profiles is one of the main products of NKK Expo. NKK trade show booth accessories is of scientific design. It is designed by adopting the principles of foot structure and the relationship between its and the person, the thing, the environment, and the dress. Its surface has passed tests for flatness and curvature. NKK Expo idea on trade show booth accessories will revolutionize trade show booth accessories and prove to be a worldwide hit. It comes with detailed installation drawings and a packing list.

We aim to be an active and responsible leader committed to the sustainable development of global markets and promoting responsible practices in our industry.
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