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by:NKK     2020-06-12
May 13, 2010, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai Public Security of the Tenth International Fair Products (hereinafter referred to as the Tenth Security Exhibition in Shanghai) to begin. As the world's leading defense technology industry and technology development in the forefront of the Tenth Shanghai introduced the world advanced level on the population safety products, a lot of security on behalf of an assortment of nearly 250 domestic and international representatives of the industry's manufacturers. These suppliers, I see both familiar and to unfamiliar Shanghai Xian Electronic Co., Ltd. Booth. This is the familiar, because as electronic as the front side manufacturer of liquid crystal industry magazine, the current market said, 'well known', that strange, the total amount time, as an author in the past see the different fairy Electronics Show booth. With many 'question marks' I interviewed in Shanghai, as an electronic magazine Marketing Manager Li Rui. Shanghai cents a new look, as the electronic security belonging to the Tenth Shanghai Exhibition Li Rui managers want to see our problems as starting the interview Shanghai Xi'an 'new circumstances': as the company cents, corporate culture, like slogan, complete six months of electronic color adjustment ', the location changes, the actual exhibition booth cents the electronic color slogan, additionally made corresponding changes. among the purposes of electronic display products Security Exhibition Shanghai, Xi'an, as well as the second is to create the brand, 'said Rui Zixin. As the phrase goes: the poor are changed, change the ball, generally long. Splicing in many areas of the large-screen system monitor command / scheduling, public display applications, increasing the value of the game, and also national information technology, construction of new industrial applications and management level rising, more etc . after the large-screen display system more than ten regarding development, making use of overall associated with upgrading technologies have continued to decline and improve and expand the application of the 'big-screen market has entered a period of rapid growth mosaic,' as Shanghai Xian Li Electronics Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager, Core introduced the 'big screen, 2008 2.35 billion years, the amount of the market share in 2009 increased by 30% mosaic of market place in 2010 due towards the high iron, Xinjiang, Anhui, the market size of this project is expected to increase by 25%. ' Ovid Consulting (AVC's) in the Swiss data 'by China's large-screen display market research reports issued' support the vista that: 'China's large-screen editing is business size in 2008 was about 2.51 billion yuan, energy and resources, public transportation, public safety and management, communications and broadcasting these four areas are methods large-screen markets, and or buses share of nearly 60% of the total, public safety and management of around 14.3%, the mosaic is approximately 5 part of more than 100 million dollar. In 2009, despite the economic conditions encountered, is anticipated to continue growing for a price of about 17% in the market size will reach 2.94 billion yuan. market growth was mainly due to energy and transport infrastructure, large-scale investment in the country, the 2009 National Games, 10 World Expo, the Asian Games and other large game to complete the yanking. ' However, despite China's large-screen display market prospects, but Chinese companies have begun their own brand, you will need a big 'bucket' to be used. In the 'Hom' What is this superior? ? Technology. Currently, three large-screen display technology areas, namely the DLP (Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing) technology, LCD (liquid crystal) technology and PDP (plasma) technology, the core of these technologies tend to be mastered foreign enterprises, 'Chinese enterprises are using foreign technology, in a sense, Chinese enterprises by foreign companies led by the nose ', the latest large-screen display products, area is another company's products, technology is more leading, for example, narrow-screen mosaic associated with Samsung products in the Forefront, then, e-magazine will have technically broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises, large-screen ultra-narrow-splicing solutions and products. 'In addition to technology research and development, fairy tales, as the electron also set up seven offices to conserve the country's electronics brands 'literacy' work in national magazine said,' future work, Li Rui seems to firm and calm. About Electronics Co., Ltd. Xi'an, Shanghai, as (hereinafter referred to as the 'King') as 'commercial video' areas of focus. For enterprise customers integrated LCD-based video in order to meet the various needs of consumers personalized video products. Good View is home loan houses since 2004, digital media company Focus Media's largest supplier of display products from an assortment of 5.6 to 82 millimeter. Good View has its own software development team and design staff, and handle products, including sheet metal assembly associated with flexible production systems, provide customized equipment. At present, 'lcd driver,' the 'LCD Display Wall', 'system integration organization', 'multimedia information distribution', 'multimedia decoding technology,' as well as the core technology with independent intellectual property rights. The company has accumulated an enlightening international and domestic patent and the original large associated with the world's leading engineering science. As of the end of 2009, has been created and the application is processed more than 20 patents, including patents for more than three, nearly 40 research and development staff. Structural design, software development and systems integration comprehensive knack.
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