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Is installation service provided for aluminium booth ?
As well as supplying customers with aluminium booth , Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD has expanded our assortment of solutions, such as installation services along with other after-sales support. To be able to react quickly and resolve problems, we supply a vast assortment of reliable excellent after-sales services to fulfill customers' unique requirements. Our technical personnel are experienced and will provide all of the abilities and experience.

NKK Expo is a popular supplier of aluminium extruded profiles from China. Designing and manufacturing excellent products are our strong suits. The standard booth is one of the main products of NKK Expo. NKK exhibit booth display has gone through the following production process: the preparation of shell pattern, stitching, lasting (to shape the final shoe.), and final assembly. It has no grease or dirt after being treated with degreasing agents. Steps of trade show stands are carried out in a general production area. It has been exported to the United States, Germany and so on.

The enthusiasm and mission of our company are to provide customers with safety, quality, and assurance – today and in the future.
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