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Is NKK Expo a trading company or a factory?
So as to produce maximum value for our clients, Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD takes into consideration all of the variables in the pricing and production of standard exhibition booth and provides the best benefit for clients. It's extremely simple import and source goods from China today. But, it's always hard for industrial importers to seek out providers with great rates and quality, particularly when they need a mill or trading firm. You may get discounted costs and effective manufacturing from us.

In the course of several years'development, NKK Expo has developed into an influential company specializing in the manufacturing of aluminium extruded profiles. The standard booth is one of the main products of NKK Expo. Manufacturing of NKK exhibit booth display involves various processes. It begins from the extraction of raw materials, mixing and preheating, heating, cooling, and final treatment. It is light in weight and easy to transport. As a professional custom booth manufacturer, the company has a strong and perfect custom trade show booth system and good corporate culture. It is safe to use with no potentially toxic metal substances.

Our company embraces sustainability initiatives. We have found ways to be efficient in our resource consumption and minimize production waste.
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