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Led Guardrail Tube Manufacturer About Led Cross

by:NKK     2020-06-12
Led guardrail tube manufacturer: about led cross-industry alliance become the industry trend GeZongLianHeng is legendary in the warring states period on the diplomatic wisdom, in different historical stages plays their important involvement. Now, along with lighting industry developing in depth, and also into the league's independent regime inside the 'the warring states period', for the performance of the lighting lighting and ceramic, furniture, bath, floors, the family of field closer relations, cross-industry cooperation on most wonderful beforehand.Modern furniture and modern lamp ACTS function of integration design through 1990 s has become the modern furniture trends. Lighting lighting each morning object projection in miracle of bring the result like to foil color, material and skin texture, simple sense and the influence of this overall atmosphere, make people pay more attention towards the design contemporary lighting and light-weight effect of scientific research. Since the lighting industry in 2009 first appeared 'furniture and lamp marriage' since the concept, many household lighting products, especially European lamp, crystal lamp and other high-end field lamps and lanterns is frequently and furniture industry overall win-win, appeared each big furniture exhibition.Yesterday the dongguan inspection and quarantine issued enterprise reminds say, this month globe inspection associated with export furniture, continuous found a regarding furniture with export lamps, and automobile declaration. So that export products can't be normal export, the enterprise for this also suffered losses. According to introducing, the export of detection method in the directory lamps goods, subject towards type testing and confirm qualified rear can upload. 'Through the type testing can check product design, process along with the material in accordance standards, lessen importer unqualified products backyard opportunity.' The appropriate person to blame for the bureau, said recent many enterprises in export furniture whilst phenomenon of this lamps and lanterns of existence, 'these lights often is as per the guest shall be separately purchasing order', the majority are not the particular authentication or safety testing, and no prior to your department of inspection and quarantine declaration, more can't provide type test report export desk lamps. So merchandise in customs clearance was suspension of export or sampling testing, so if you wish to extend a robust export cycle.In order to ensure the quality and safety of export lamps, do not affect standard export enterprise, the inspection and quarantine department remind relevant enterprise, furniture with lamps to inform the export department of inspection and quarantine remark. From the inspection and quarantine mentioned visible and furniture and lamps and lanterns trade cooperation development has made some achievement, this is among the effective multinational cooperation attempting. Just two industries of export standards in the provisions with the full regarding hasn't. In addition, the reporter learns, May 9 days afternoon, jimei furniture store in WangLanZhuang museum building materials for a negative held a 'domestic outfit, lighting' joint produces the new achievement exchange. Full dozens of something like a line both at home and abroad, lamp act function ofing brand for domestic outfit co-star. Jimei household WangLanZhuang store officials say, to maintain the exchange, would be to give the built a convenient consulting process. Here, consumer not only visual contact, and on your lighting products, still can and many famous interior designer zero distance communication, understanding only using the best home outfit trend
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