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New Textiles And Cloths at Prato Textile Museum

by:NKK     2020-06-09
Textiles and cloth have long been an a part of humans life and led to make it always more advanced, being first associated with clothes for humans, then elements of personal embellishment and signs of the social status, until they became an element to furnish the house plus they are used to create complement furniture and numerous other thing that we daily use. The process which made textiles become used and essential objects and their history doesn't seem to be finished always in the XXI century. Textiles and cloths were indeed protagonist of Futurotextiles. Surprising textiles, design & Art, exhibition that took placed in Prato from 30 September to 13 November 2011. Prato, Italian capital of textile was chosen as the last stop of the itinerant exhibition invested in textiles, which was shown to the general public of Istanbul, Bangkok, Shangai, Barcelona and Cordoba. The associated with making the exhibition also in Prato Textile Museum was born from the cooperation between Andrea Cavicchi, President of Textile Museum of Prato Foundation, Giorgio Silli, vice-president of the eu Textile Cities Association- ACTE Italy, Martine Aubry, Mayor of Lille and President of Lille Metropole Communaute Urbaine and Ivan Renar, President of Lille3000. 'The exhibition to be able to be the concrete evidence of the evolving process that's the now involving the field which, projected for the future, is revolutionizing the traditional associated with textile products employment' said Andrea Cavicchi , and continues: '.for this reason we are really proud of hosting in our Textile Museum such an easy European exhibition, in a give visitors an extensive panoramic on the new potentialities applied to textile and fibers'. The exhibitions as we said before, was in the main European textile cities of Europe and on the world, and was organized by Lille3000, body created for your promotion of french capital of textiles, Lille, and by Caroline David; it arrived also in Prato thanks to your collaboration of ACTE- European Textile Cities Association- with local bodies like the Prato Textile Museum Foundation of Toscana region, the foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Prato, Pratese Industrial service union, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Patrizia Pepe and Asm. At the exhibition have been proven to the public highly interactive textiles, effective at read data for health controls, in terms of example temperature ad beat; textiles compounds ideal for botanic use, able to absorb high quantities water and to release them gradually, feeding plants and gardens; sport textiles competent to protect from injuries and unexpected traumas; T-shirts able to feed the skin and release cosmetic substances; and then also textiles and cloth that absorbs polluting substances from the ambient or meshes made of steel and photo luminescent textiles able to light and guide people when walking in dark areas. This and more was exposed at the Futurotextiles. Surprising textiles, design & Art which showed clearly how the desolate man textile products is all about the cooperation with technology, science, art, in order to create elements for architecture, biotechnology, medicine, transports, sport, electronic and also aerospace use. Article written by Serena Rigato
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