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North Sea

by:NKK     2020-06-09
North Sea, home loan houses lake waters in Beijing one for the city. Hai said the lake is to take 'three Xiandao sea' means. Its water from summer season Palace's Kunming Lake, flows through Zizhuyuan, Shichahai, into the lake, leading to Zhongnanhai and the Palace of cheese River, and then import the Haihe River and flows through Tonghui Note Bohai Sea. Lake about 38 hectares, 3749 m long shoreline, with an average depth of at least one. M, maximum depth of 2.5. Winter season the lake is a natural ice rink. Other boating season can play, is just one of the most popular recreational waters of one of the capital. Lin Chun-Yu Ho Pu Tong Hall in the north between. The Qing court's review was originally Dianwai arrows between race, mountain soil outside a target market is the current year. Before the altar in the east coast of the northern tip of silkworm. One of nine forums in Beijing, built in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Hospital planting mulberry, silkworm pro original temple along with other buildings, many now no longer takes place. Qing Dynasty, a good day lunar month every year, the Queen, or provided for the festival by her silkworm Our creator. Where there are kindergartens for the North Sea. Party formerly because Guan Yin Temple, also known as 'island', commonly since the Western 'paradise' for the largest pavilion of the existing wooden structure acquiring. Clean around the house parties around. In the middle of a stone bridge across the canal on the bridge has a glass front of the arch, in the canal outside a few corners, also already been booths. South China Sea in the hall with an unique clay model of Putuo Mountain, the mountain eight hundred Lohan plastic, popularly known as Ocean Hill. 'Island' takes its name from, has no memory. House of 10000 Buddhas, also called Blessed House, positioned in the house individuals to quit smoking party. AD 1770, Emperor Qianlong for his mother (Empress Dowager Xiao E.) was built to do when the eightieth birthday. Building in the original gold Amitayus possession of 10000 Buddhas, but the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 were looted, buildings have been destroyed. Explanation of Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple House is placed in the east, the original hall with white canopy Buddha (Buddha body jewelry embedded with numerous), imperial tablets and so on, were also destroyed by the Boxer Rebellion. Are turned into 'economic Botanical Garden', the hospital has hundreds of types of rare plants, popular science education along with the appreciation of your garden tour. Botanical garden planting a wide connected with both ornamental garden plants have economic value. There furthermore organizes a number of flowers and calligraphy exhibition for visitors enjoy. Ting Miao-phase column by a 48 round support for your octagonal eaves Cuanjian Ding. Booth and octagonal Xu Mizuo, stone structure on the surface of the sixteen pagoda, tower engraved with the Tang Dynasty (618-907) monk Guan painting of the 'sixteen should really like' and the citation written by Emperor Qianlong. The stone is Chinese art treasures of ancient stone.
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