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Prague Exhibition Centres

by:NKK     2020-06-08
Prague is a famous city for its art aficionados, historians and archaeologists. It is highly praised in the world because of its unbelievable artefacts, collectibles, paintings and masterpieces. It is often a hidden beauty as well a coffer of magnificent architecture. Being a centre of attraction to each visitors, Prague offers several exhibition centres, museums and galleries in the different areas of the city. At present, the city boasts many exhibition centres. You must visit Prague and explore the city, one of earth's heritage sites. Here is an index of exhibition centres. Chose any of choosing amongst the categories cited below: Dox - Centre for Contemporary Art In 2002, the idea for establishing Dox- Centre for Contemporary Art, a landmark in Prague, was initiated by Leos Valka but was created by other co-partners, Robert Aafjes, Richard Fuxa and Vaclav Dejcmar. Dox- Centre for Contemporary serves several people by its living art centre as well and features a platform for exhibiting Czech and contemporary art. This centre turns out to be a medium for social interaction by its objective of exhibiting works of art. House of your Black Madonna - Exhibition of Czech Cubism The House of the black Madonna the comprehensive collection of Czech Cubism and displays works of art owed to the from 1910 - 1919. The proposal for constructing a historic building, House of consist of Madonna- Exhibition of Czech Cubism, was offered by Josef Gocar, Pavel Janak and Josef Chochol. The exhibition centre workshops were based using the concept of art industry by the Wiener Werkstatte although these works of art were mainly created the furniture production. Jaroslav Fragner Gallery A symbol of Prague is a well-known destination for exhibiting unique architecture. Located next into the famous Bethlehem Chapel, the gallery was rebuilt as documented in a project by Jaroslav Fragner inside years 1949 -1953. The gallery focuses on works of art of major individuals and groups who led to the development of architecture. It offers a superior range of books on architecture, design, advertising, art and other sorts of fields in the bookshops. Mucha Museum The world's first Mucha Museum is dedicated to the life within the internationally renowned Czech ART NOUVEAU artist, Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). The museum is housed planet Baroque Kaunicky Palace situated in the heart of Prague. The museum comprises a variety of a hundred passengers exhibits that include paintings, photographs, charcoal drawings, lithographs and personal memorabilia. The posters of Sarah Bernhardt are symbolic of attraction in the trendy world of fin-de-siecle Paris.
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