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Shanghai Museum - Discovering China's Rich Artistic

by:NKK     2020-06-05
The city of Shanghai is a lively metropolis that features a fascinating blend of both traditional Chinese culture and modern development. This energetic city offers a fascinating perspective of the country's rich cultural heritage and provides plenty of sightseeing adventures for young and old alike. Those wanting to explore more about the rich history and heritage of the city and the country as well should make time to visit the Shanghai Museum. Featuring an extensive number of ancient Chinese art, this popular museum can be found in the heart belonging to the city, at People's Rectangle-shaped. Opened at this site in 1996, the museum spans an associated with around 39,200 square metres and is home to approximately 120,000 art pieces and artefacts. The far reaching exhibits have been split into 11 galleries which present a truly unique opportunity to obtain an insight into wealthy artistic heritage of Cina. There are also temporary exhibition halls to begin which feature special displays or exhibits. Among the variety of galleries to be discovered at the Shanghai Museum include those that showcase ancient ceramics, bronze, Chinese paintings, coins, jade, calligraphy, sculpture, Ming and Qing furniture, seals and art prepares food by Chinese minority nationalities. Those visiting the Gallery of Chinese Ancient Sculpture can view items who go back to the Ming dynasty as well as exhibits from the Warring States period. Of particular interest are the Buddha statues that can be located here including those by means of Tang and Song dynasties. Also worth visiting is the Gallery of Chinese Ancient Jade which features artefacts from the Neolithic period and the Xia, Zhou and Yuan dynasties. China's rich heritage in painting can be explored at the Gallery of Chinese Paintings where one will find over 120 works of art. Not to be missed is chinese people Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery which is the hula , over 100 pieces of elaborate and intricately designed furniture from these two periods. Travellers looking for centrally located residences in Shanghai by which to explore this famous city can stop at 89 Xintiandi Shanghai. This stylish Shanghai boutique hotel can be found in the lively Xintiandi district and is defined as within easy reach of entertainment venues, dining options and historic attractions.
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