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Stick to the Methodology to Attract More Clients

by:NKK     2020-06-19
Everybody says learn precisely what accomplish when they man (obviously or 'woman') a trade show booth, but a refresher course in what to do never hurts. Here are a few of the basics for making the most from the experience and meeting your goals as well since the company's in house energy inspection using. First, stand up straight and smile - don't slouch OR sit, look and act attentive and everybody (and I do mean everybody) to help deal with a sexy person. Second, don't drink, smoke or eat while 'on duty' in your exhibition booth - you're there to sell your company it really is products and service - nothing else. Third, don't offend. This means don't chew gum (it will simply break the concentration on the visitor), don't curse or tell off color jokes and particularly avoid anything that you will find interpreted as culturally offensive (we house a global society and what may look harmless to us Americans can often be offensive to people other cultures). Fourth, wash the hands. I know, I know but you'd be amazed how many people overlook this simple act of hygiene. Fifth, know what you really are talking about. You're the face of your organization in that particular trade show booth and visitors are looking relevant information. If you do not know the the factor in a particular question, say so. Then take the visitors name and phone # (especially cell #), find response and call him back as soon as possible. Better yet schedule to meet him or her to amplify your answer in person. Six, look you visitor squarely in the eye when giving a presentation. Never look over your shoulder (or the visitor's) to spot another prospect or customer. Pay attention, use the visitor's name (if the customer doesn't have an identity badge, ask their name) and in a bare minimum buy their business card before they leave. Seven, never (can't be emphasized enough) use the smart phone in the not function. Go somewhere else to use the cell phone; it's too much of their distraction to other employees and their prospects and suspects. But even when there's no one in the booth, don't make use of the cell phone - stay related to the show and your mission to represent your company to your best of it is essential to. For the optimum outcome to the second trade show, call Jim Deady at Showstopper Exhibits (888) 440-0377 or check it out at Jim is a marketing veteran who spent 35 years running his own advertising agency where Showstopper Exhibits was major subsidiary to cross sell his clients. Since 2003, he has morphed the agency into a full-service trade show display, graphics and accessory distributorship counseling hundreds of companies to make their trade show experience a Showstopper.
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