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The 7th Publicizing Station of China Hangzhou

by:NKK     2020-06-04
In October 2011, employees of the Organizing Committee of Hangzhou International Outdoor & Leisure Fair went to participate in Canton Fair ( of Guangzhou, additionally launched a series of fluttering publicity work. Although it was the actual background of the global economic crisis, many exhibitors did not placed on that promotion with much expected, but in the show, whatever the number and the quality from the overseas buyers were much better than expected. At the show site, the organizing committee staff actively issued to overseas buyers the brochure of Hangzhou outdoor exhibition and the publicity pen of the exhibit. They introduced the companies and product composition of the exhibition, and also invite the buyers to register and visit. Particularly, in the early time of the exhibition publicity, the organizing committee knew that the pre-registered buyers from U.S. who is called Eileen Keithly-Lee (from 4 Seasons Trading Company., LLC) wanted to advance involving the products from some exhibitors. Because of Canton Fair, a large number of enterprises, which would portion in the Hangzhou outdoor exhibition, would attend the Canton Fair. In order to promote the Hangzhou outdoor exhibitors and promote the following cooperation, the organizing committee suggested her to visit the Canton Fair. Miss Liao Yuhan, Light Industry Chamber of Commerce, followed by Ms. Eileen to go to the exhibitor booths of Hangzhou outdoor part. Ms. Eileen had further understanding for exhibits structure of Hangzhou outdoor exhibition, and increase recognition for top quality of Hangzhou outdoor exhibitors. Eileen said, nowadays, China as biggest bank exporter of patio furniture products, whatever exact same or design of product should not really underestimated in the international trade. She also said how the standards of Hangzhou Fair and the exhibitors are quite attractive for her. She was so glad that the Organizing Committee accompanied along with her and introduce the information for her. Moreover, she said that they was very grateful and willing to mobilize the buyer group with power from her country to visit the exhibition and to procured transactions in March 2012. With their struggle. the Organizing Committee considered there would be more and more business buyers with the strength to participate in Hangzhou Outdoor Lifestyle Fair.
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