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The Pioneer DJM800 a New Standard For DJs

by:NKK     2020-06-03
Pioneer has always represented the gold standard in DJ equipment. The Pioneer DJM800 is no slouch even by Pioneer standards - a remarkable mixer that combines the quality of the legendary Pioneer DJM1000 with a more manageable size. The DJM800 has the on desk footprint of the 600, making it an altogether more compact and multi functional unit. As you would expect from a Pioneer product, there has been above just build quality along with a little innovation thrown into this one. The DJM800 is the product of thousands of hours importance of conversation with top DJs and music producers all over the world. The actual end result is a mixer offers harmonic mixing capabilities - by shifting the pitch of a track's ending and the pitch in the next track's intro to seamlessly meld the two keys. The Pioneer DJM800 is fitted having a three band equaliser on every channel, allowing the DJ to control high, mid range and low level bands between minus 26 db and plus 6 db. Each channel input also can be assigned to your cross fader using Pioneer's cross fader assign function. For club DJs, the unit has both a talk over and mic cut function. Talk over drops the amount of the mix by 20 db from its current position, so the DJ can talk over the tunes. The mic drop function negates feedback by eliminating microphone input for the booth monitor. The unit costs nearly one which has a half thousand pounds, in normal environment. Finding a Pioneer DJM800 as a B Stock item is not an easy task, given its quality and popularity - outlets which B Stock models do exist, though, so if discover one then snap it up fast. Scoring a brand new DJM800, complete with original box, power lead and guarantee for less than 1,000 is really a coup in any DJ's book - so keep the eyes peeled. The Pioneer DJM800 mixer has total MIDI compatibility. Give . you can assume control of any mixing software you use directly from the unit, rather than having to make use of PC or laptop to match the mix with what is happening in the cross fader. The unit has also a pair of microphone channels, perfect for twin DJs as well as backup. It allows for easy level monitoring, thanks to an LED based levels display, green for within range and red for maxing out. In addition, the DJ may use several common and effective DJ effects straight from the mixer - including sweep, crush and filter. The effects that the Pioneer DJM800 mixer a person to to use are controlled through a bit crush filter; a notch filter; together with a high pass/low pass filter. The DJM800 represents one of the excellent bets for club DJs everywhere. Offer high end technology, superb performance even a great deal of attention to detail, packed up from a manageable and trustworthy box. Recommended for all your DJs who require a lot of power and versatility onto their money.
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