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Trustworthy Promotions Exhibition Stand Builder

by:NKK     2020-06-06
Rock solid Promotions are suffering from a revolutionary way of exhibiting at any show in the uk, whatever the type of industry professional. For one small payment they will produce their Rock Solid stand that you complete with your own graphics, set the get up for you at any show in the uk and include furniture, lights, carpet as well counter included in the package. No other exhibition stand builder gives you this service as no other exhibition stand builder can offer the rock solid stand. The Steel solid stand along with unique 3m high by any width seamless graphics that are unique for the exhibition stand building industry. The low price is just 230 per square metre so that's 2,760 plus vat for a 12 square metre stand anywhere in great britain. Rock Solid Promotions are trading in the a decade and allow us a reputation as most effective exhibition stand builders the european union. They now have customers who use them every year and it is the exhibition stand building requirements. Testimonials are on hand upon request and are usually posted on their site - The Steel solid stand package and special way they feature this low entry cost way of exhibiting have created quite a stir the actual world exhibition stand building business. Rock solid have been nominated for the award beeing the best exhibition stand builders in australia. In April 2011 had been holding nominated on the inside 'Best Supplier to Exhibitors' category your market Exhibition News Awards subsequent year. At the time of in order to press, these were in camp fire . with three other companies. Their nomination was considered due on the unique nature of the offering Steel solid were providing, the sensation other exhibitors who had used Rock solid in solutions for their exhibition displays and excellent itself will be simple, high impact and low-cost when in comparison to other options offering less professional looking platforms. Steve Slough - MD of Rock solid Promotions said 'It has taken us a long time to fully develop kind of display or maybe even then we didn't know whether the pricing system would succeed. We always knew that our exhibitors may be happy along with product along with a lot of options bowled over with the stand when we hand it over these. Our problem was whether we tend to make it work financially for us and I am now boastful to say we have dozens of companies queuing up to use us making it a viable business. Doing well . they refer to it 'critical mass!'' 'It's nice to get awards but it is even nicer to surely successful exhibition stand builder with regarding customers and a healthy forward order book but because of hard work getting what follows. We never lost sight of our own core business and eventhough it was tempting to go back to bespoke stand building we kept the faith, hung on in there and are located as a primary force as one of the leading 'exhibition stand builders in the uk
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