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What about the lead time of exhibition glass display cabinets from placing a order to delivery?
The lead time is the time calculated from placing an order to delivery of exhibition glass display cabinets . The lead time involves order preparation time, cycle time, factory lead time, inspection time, put-away time, and so on. Generally, the less the lead time is, it means that the more flexible a company is and the faster it can respond to changes, and thereby contributing to higher customer satisfaction. We mainly reduce the cycle time by introducing high-end equipment and hiring professional employees. More importantly, we ensure that every employee in our company has accurate forecasting, planning, and scheduling capabilities.

Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD is established a few years ago. We have been engaging in the production of pop up exhibition stands that meet the needs of both domestic and international markets. The trade show booth accessories is one of the main products of NKK Expo. The design of NKK trade show booth accessories is strictly taken into consideration. It is thought about how it should look, what qualities it must have and its dimensions. Its substrate is protected from corrosion as the product surface can naturally form an oxide film. Our service for exhibition booth will never let you down.

We aim to be an active and responsible leader committed to the sustainable development of global markets and promoting responsible practices in our industry.
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