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What an Allure Outdoor Furniture

by:NKK     2020-05-30
Has been, on market are real wood, iron and cany furniture emerged priority to, also appeared in recent years the roll-plastic (plastic) material patio furniture , and no appear a kind of material, its quality of a material, mostly in hard and firm, in order to adapt to the outdoor environment characteristics of the changeable, inherit from rain and wind. But, for now, with the progress of science and technology and process improvement, began to appear on the market the new software outdoor furniture, this kind within the use of special fabrics and filler of outdoor furniture, have cloth art furniture special soft texture and close skin feeling, and also with fast drying, resistance to delight in the characteristics such as outdoor environment. In time square space beauty XueGuan exhibition hall, the reporter sees a range of the use of special fabrics of outdoor furniture, knitting gimmick to be relevant to the outdoor sofa, the carpet, the cushion on top. Broad 'wool,' plus skilled craftsmen and pure manual weaving, as for outdoor furniture apply to leisure 'knitting sweater' jumper. Among them are a grass green armchair, imitation wool cross back proper weave, sit to appear as if they are surrounded by a patch of green grass, regarding wild aura. Special knitting fabric and soft padding sense, left the garden furniture hale stereotyping. And the outdoor furniture material is in sites yarn, with certain proportion of blended polyester fiber, let the material surface strong wear-resisting, plus special process, let 'knitting' fabric has the characteristics for this drying faster.At the same time, tie-in water permeability, flexibility are excellent special permeable sofa padding, can rapid moisture ruled up. Paola Lenti series such as the sofa and armchair, stainless steel to integrate and completing 100% polyester fiber, yarn by Paolalenti proprietary ROPE or A quatech weaving and become, waterproof and durable. After the rainstorm, as long as the two hour, Rattan sofa will be completely dry out. Therefore, even will furniture exposure to outdoor, also without the concern about weathered wear. Outer weaving set can be removed cleaning, ensure the outdoor usage clean. In order to adapt to the foreign ministers of the and also the sun, means outdoor furniture mostly with natural cane color, wood and black and white ash wait for neuter color is given priority to. But right now the knitting cloth art is a new outdoor furniture USES all sorts of profusion colour: warm bright red, Ming yan's orange, pure and fresh CaoLu, deep sapphire blue, mysterious purple. With thanks to the innovation of technology dyeing technology, all types of mood letting you, yourself are great bright colors in the hot sun the sun even, still can maintain bright Ming yan and does not fade.
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