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What fields is shell scheme stand applied in?
In recent years, shell scheme has been more and more broadly used in the industry for its performance and characteristics. With a number of advantages, it is becoming increasingly attractive in the industry.

With a long term commitment to the industry of exhibit booth display, Nanjing NKK Expo Co.,LTD has developed with a strong capability in R&D and manufacturing. The trade show booth accessories is one of the main products of NKK Expo. The manufacturing of NKK standard booth involves many departments. These departments include lasting department which deals with trimming heels, polishing and buffing soles. It can be disassembled after installation and be used multiple times. The product features great chemical resistance. It can maintain its original properties after being exposed to a chemical environment for a specified time period. It has clean kerf with no burrs.

We have made social responsibility a central part of the company's strategy. We believe this will lead to a higher profile in the industry because customers will recognize us from our efforts.
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